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If your employee repairs leaks, installs and replaces pipe, tube or hose, we recommend the Connector & Conductor classification. The Connector & Connector certification test consists of a 3-hour, multiple choice, written (pen and paper or online proctored) test and a three (3)-hour job performance (hands-on) test.

Fluid Power Connector & Conductor Certification analyzes the requirements of an application or system as to operating temperatures, pressures, and type of fluid being used.  Applies skill and knowledge to properly select, fabricate, test, and install fluid conductor assemblies for use within hydraulic or pneumatic systems.  The  C & C certified individual is capable of selecting and applying the three most commonly used fluid conductors: pipe, tubing, and hose.

Written Test contents:

  • Product Identification

  • Assembly Component Selection

  • Assembly Procedure and Operation

  • Documentation

  • Full outline

Job Performance Test contents:

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