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IFPS certification empowers fluid power distributors, manufacturers, and end-users with: 

  • Increased credibility

  • A fully trained and certified workforce

  • The ability to set standards for assessing the skill level of current or potential employees

  • A safer and more efficient workforce

  • Competency standards for advances in the industry

  • An effective sales and recruiting tool 








About the IFPS Certification program:

  • The IFPS has certified thousands of professionals since 1960.

  • Our Certifications serve as the industry standard for assessing the knowledge and skill level of individuals in the fluid power and motion control industry.

  • Our Certification tests provide an objective, third-party assessment of an individual’s skill level.

  • All IFPS Certifications tests are psychometrically evaluated and meet defensible standards.

  • Our Certifications are portable and recognized industry-wide.

  • Individuals must re-certify every five years to assure their skills and knowledge have kept pace with the industry.

About IFPS Membership

Membership is important when it's time to recertify (every five years,)  Learn more about the benefits of Membership.


Marketing Opportunities with a fluid power certified workforce

  • IFPS Certification Supporter logo for your Website

  • IFPS credentials added to employee's name - John Smith, CFPXX (for signature lines, business cards, LinkedIn profiles, etc.)

  • IFPS Certification certificates to display at your office or shop

  • Employee's names, certification and company affiliation are printed in the Fluid Power Journal.

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